An oxygen cylinder


اسطوانه اكسجين

An oxygen cylinder with all its belongings
A 2-liter oxygen cylinder in a bag with the inclusions and includes a cylinder regulator with a humidifier, a mask and a diesel engine

A strange question asks what is the best way to breathe
This begins, first and foremost, with great posture.
 Sitting up straight allows the lungs to expand quickly and efficiently with every breath.
 Likewise, sitting up straight helps air to travel into the lungs
 and carbon dioxide to travel out of the lungs unimpeded.
 If you are sitting at your desk
 and feel foggy or otherwise uninspired,
 take a moment to reposition your body  a straight
 notice an immediate improvement at how well oxygen is reaching your bloodstream and thereby your brain.
While many people focus on completely inhaling in order to improve their breathing,
 most people only exhale 70 percent of the carbon dioxide in their lungs.
Try, instead to push all of the air out of your lungs as though you are blowing bubbles.
What happens in the process of breathing?
 it is important to know a little about how your body breathes.
The muscles between your ribs,
 called the intercostal muscles, contract to pull your ribcage upward and outward.
As your lungs expand,
 air is sucked in through your nose and mouth and travels down your trachea to your lungs.
carbon dioxide travels into the air sacs from the blood stream and is expelled from the body as you exhale.
It is called breathing because it is the breath of life
 One of the most basic functions of the human body,

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اسطوانه اكسجين

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