Scoop stretcher


نقاله سكوب

Scoop stretcher

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# Scoop stretcher is used in cases of rescue from overturning and drowning accidents
The scoop stretcher fully stabilizes the patient when there is a possibility of injury, fractures in the spine, or internal injuries that do not show any signs on the patient’s body
Fixing the injured on a scoop stretcher prevents the exacerbation of internal injuries
#214 x 42 x 7 cm
#After folding 167 x 42 x 7 cm
# net weight 8 kg
The maximum possible weight is 160 kg

تجهيز سيارات الاسعاف

Equipping an ambulance car

Typical conditions for equipping an ambulance
Medical devices & equipment
trolley stretcher
Width from 55-60cm and length from 180-195cm
Availability of their own belts to stabilize the patient
The stretcher bears weights up to 150 kg
chair stretcher
The belts are easy to fold, open and move
board stretcher
Allow x-rays
Equipped with special belts
*Stretchers and accessories are not allowed to be hung on the ceiling
It must be fastened with its own fastening strap
medical equipments
electric suction device

The device works by an internal rechargeable battery and can be powered by 12 volts
It is preferable to work by 220 volts directly from the electrical outlets in the car
Exudate collection container with a capacity of 1 liter
nebulizer device
Easy to carry and light in weight
blood glucose monitoring system
sphygmomanoterer & stethosocope
Limb fixing splints

Rigid type neck splints
10 liter oxygen cylinder
2 cylinders 2 oxygen regulators
6 respirators (single-use)
medical bags
A first aid kit for burns, containing:
Fire sheet and gloves and Vaseline gauze
sterile dressing and gauze bandage
Plaster does not cause allergies
gauze scissors and Foam adhesive strap

تجهيز سيارات

Resuscitation bag for breathing contains:
– 1 liter oxygen cylinder with regulator and connections
Manual breathing apparatus(imbubag)
Laryngoscope and its batteries
Laryngeal tubes sizes
Air corridors sizes
Detection gloves

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نقاله سكوب

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