Oxygen concentrator Oxy Neb 5 liter

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Oxygen concentrator  5 liter

The oxygen concentrator saves you the time and effort that goes into filling the oxygen cylinder again and also saves your money

So we can offer you the OXY Neb 5

oxygen concentrator Capacity 5 liters per minute

The percentage of oxygen reaches 96%

Very quiet voice and does not cause any discomfort to the patient

A very special offer for a limited time

‘Two-year warranty’

Delivery service available.

Machine description:

The oxygen concentrator is a medical device that works by drawing the air inside the room, separating the oxygen gas from the rest of the other gases, and providing the patient or the user with the concentrated oxygen gas.
The oxygen concentrator is available in different sizes and models, except that it shares the components of the basic parts:

• Power key
The control regulator, which regulates the flow of the amount of oxygen received
• An alarm system, which alerts you in the event of power outages or malfunctions.
• Containers transporting oxygen from the outlet of the unit, where oxygen is transferred to the patient through tubes that have openings connected to the nose or a mask (covering the nose and mouth).

An oxygen concentrator uses the air nearby to filter oxygen and is the best solution for oxygen supply at home.

Required for individuals facing respiratory issues,

a concentrator can provide oxygen for hours at a time and does not need to be replaced or refilled with anything

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مولد اكسجين ايطالى

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