10-liter Singaporean oxygen generator


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مولد اكسجين 10 لتر

A 10-liter Singaporean Oxygen concentrator with an oxygen outlet and a nebulizer outlet

  • The oxygen concentrator is the ideal alternative to oxygen cylinders

because It saves the trouble of replacing and packing it with the ease of movement of the device with the patient at home

  •  The outer structure is waterproof
  •  It has a self check system that emits a light alarm when the power is cut off
  • It has a 4-layer filter to filter out bacteria and virus
  •  Small LCD screen showing working hours so you can follow it
  •  Works up to 10,000 hours,but  after that we do a comprehensive maintenance of the device
  •  Weight:  33 kg
  • immediate delivery service is available
  • One year warranty
  • مولد اكسجين 10 لتر سنغافورى

Machine description:

The oxygen concentrator is a medical device that works by drawing the air inside the room, separating the oxygen gas from the rest of the other gases, and providing the patient or the user with the concentrated oxygen gas.
The oxygen concentrator is available in different sizes and models, except that it shares the components of the basic parts:

• Power key
The control regulator, which regulates the flow of the amount of oxygen received
• An alarm system, which alerts you in the event of power outages or malfunctions.
• Containers transporting oxygen from the outlet of the unit, where oxygen is transferred to the patient through tubes that have openings connected to the nose or a mask (covering the nose and mouth).

مولد اكسجين

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مولد اكسجين 10 لتر

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