Percutaneous bile meter


غير متوفر في المخزون


جهاز قياس صفرا

Percutaneous Cholesterol Meter Model MBJ20

A specialized device for monitoring physiological jaundice in newborns to assist pediatricians in early detection of physiological jaundice, which helps to avoid complications for premature and neonates


Percutaneous cholangiometric device accuracy

The accuracy of the percutaneous bile meter is an important factor that helps in early detection of physiological bile, as the deviation is one milligram, plus or minus.

It does not need a correction factor as the reading is equal to blood because the device contains advanced electronic boards, digital technology and an LCD screen to ensure a clear view of the value, which makes it the best in the Egyptian market.

Battery indicator to show the level of energy available to the device to help the treating physician clarify the appropriate time to change the battery to ensure the accuracy of percutaneous bile measurement

Low energy consumption and long working life make it the best percutaneous biliary meter in Egypt


Distinguished streamlined design in harmony with the hand for easy carrying and use of the device
An electronic memory to record previous readings, the smartest percutaneous biliary meter
Possibility to add, delete and modify
Percutaneous cholangimetry device MBJ20 contains a high-quality electronic sensor to ensure the highest accuracy
The possibility of making an average of multiple readings. The device shows the average of the resulting values, which helps the pediatrician to quickly calculate the result
Produced by MB Electronic, which specializes in percutaneous cholangiograms
Certified ISO 13485
CE certified

جهاز قياس صفرا

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