About Us

Who We Are

Egy Health has more than 20 years of experience in the medical field.
Egy Health is one of the oldest medical devices and supplies companies in the Egyptian market.
Providing advice on the optimal medical equipment and supplies for the patient.
We help hospitals, clinics and doctors to provide better patient care while at the same time providing the best quality at the lowest cost.

We started distributing medical devices and supplies from the importer and we established a presence in the Egyptian market and due to the confidence of our customers, we took the step of importing a luxurious product until we had many products and through our team we were able to increase the number of distributors in all markets
We took a very important step after that, which is manufacturing, despite its cost and difficulty, we were able to overcome its difficulties
At EgyHealth, quality is the first thing we do
Egy Health has a good reputation among its clients

– Knowledge and experiences with clients give us strength and our personal qualities give us respect and combining them gives us the secret of successful leadership
– We’re doing what’s right
– We do what we say
We care deeply about our customers, patients and co-workers
– We take time to help customers and contribute outside of our specialty
– Years an active player in the medical device market


Our Services

-Provide medical equipment and supplies for the patient
-Home delivery service is available in Greater Cairo and with a shipping company for the governorates
-We guarantee the quality of the products at the best prices
-Providing several payment methods (cash – Visa – Vodafone Cash)
-Provide medical advice for the optimal devices for the condition

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